Black Figures In History


Teach young children about lesser known historical African American Figures.


Growing up in public education, the only time I learned about African Americans was through sections in history books about slaves or civil rights leaders during black history month. A large demographic of young learners are using spaces like social media for learning and entertainment. For this reason, I wanted to showcase the successes of lesser-known black figures in a format that a younger audience would find entertaining.


The format I chose to use is a vertical informational cartoon motion graphic. The intended use is for social media apps such as tik tok and youtube (Youtube Shorts). 


In order to teach my target audience of 3rd – 7th Grade students, I created a series of motion graphic videos. Each video includes a historical black figure that contributed to the advancement of life in some aspect that children could identify. These videos are made to fit the format of Youtube shorts for the purpose of being seen by children outside of schools. A series of posters were also made in order to connect back to the figures and the videos themselves.