Goal - Make young adults Financially literate

Creating a way for young adults to educate themselves about financial ideas such as buying stocks, loaning, budgeting, etc.


A majority of young adults are financially illiterate. During a survey when presented with eight different financial ideas, only 22 percent of participants could say they were fluent in four or more ideas.


My solution is to make a gamified application to aid those who are financially illiterate. In that same survey when the participants were asked how they prefer to learn, 77 percent claimed to learn best with a hands-on experience. 


Turn the learning process into a rewarding and fun experience of playing a game.


Using real capital for investments can be risky, especially when undereducated.


Create an environment where real capital is not needed and individuals can learn in real market conditions with theoretical capital.

Risk Free

See your investments change based on real market conditions but, with no real capital needed.

Achieve more

Gain acheivements as you progress through your learning.


Experience the
Live Prototype

Best experience is on deskstop

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